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A leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment for over 35 years, Mecmesin offers precision test instruments and systems that are accurate, reliable and excellent value for money. We provide a tailor-made service creating the ideal testing platform, which is robust, easy-to-operate and gives top-level performance time after time!

Operating under ISO 9001 quality standards, Mecmesin test products are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products, from factory floor through to the R&D laboratory, in multiple industries.

Our products enable you to perform checks on products to ensure the following;

    • Quality
    • Conformance to standards
    • Optimised design
    • Cost savings
  • Optimum performance
  • Efficient production
  • Minimum wastage


From simple hand-held instruments to fully-comprehensive computer-controlled test systems, we design products to suit many different applications, budgets and changing needs.

These include force gauges, torque gauges, tensile testing systems , compression testing systems, torque testing systems and materials testing systems. We offer 3 distinct levels of test system, which includes simple-to-use motorised systems, touch screen controlled systems, ideal for the shop floor, and fully-featured computer-controlled systems.Our test solutions enable you to measure according to BS, DIN, ASTM and ISO standards from 2.5N for our gauges, to our twin-column systems range testing up to 50kN! We have an extensive number of accessories and gripping fixtures including;

Advanced Force Gauge (AFG)
MultiTest-d crimp testing
Tornado testing closure torque
  • Compression plates
  • Test hooks
  • Textile attachment grips
  • Claw-type grips
  • Cam grips
  • Compression probes
  • Wedge grips
  • Flat-faced jaw grip


Poly-Test Instruments has been supplying Force Gauges and Torque Gauges by Mecmesin, in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa for over 15 years.